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ALI, The AERCO Aural Level Indicator —
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Photo of blind / visually
                impaired audio recordist

So I was wondering — how DO blind sound recordists and audio producers set levels?

The Aural Level Indicator (ALI) facilitates the setting of accurate levels by ear. It can be easily adjusted by the user to aurally represent from the top 6 dB to the top 20 dB of the dynamic range of the device being monitored.

Like the AERCO preamp, the ALI is packaged in a rugged die-cast aluminum case a little larger than 1 by 3 by 4 inches.

It can be fed headphone or line level program and the tone level is adjustable in the output mix. The cost for the standard unit is $89, and we welcome every kind of custom modification.

Also, check out the Aural User Interface — a completely free and open source user environment for the MacIntosh computer. It offers independent operation of a computer in a new and exciting way: